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The quality of life is more important than life itself

Why Choose ARC?

The quality of life is more important than life itself’Alexis Carrel


Have you or one of your family members been injured in a motor vehicle accident? 

Has your life been turned upside down by an aneurysm or stroke? 

Do you have special needs but seek an alternative to institutional and nursing home care?


What happens now?

ARC Support Services provide in-home assistance, rehabilitation and care to Tasmanians.  We offer practical solutions, genuine choices and a helping hand.  We provide a quality level of care and support so our clients can maintain independent living in their own homes, while also accessing their community.  We believe in strengthening support networks so our clients feel secure and in control of their lives, allowing them to develop independence and make their own decisions.  We assist our clients to get back on track, return to work and reintegrate into the Tasmanian community. 

You’re not alone on your journey.  ARC lights the path to a better life. 


interview with ARC and St.Giles Director of Client Services Mark Deverell discussing how independence can be maintained while living with a degenerative disability.

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ARC Support Services Ltd provides assistance, rehabilitation and care to people of all ages and assists clients to live as independently as possible in their own homes, while maintaining vital social connections and links with their community

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